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Seminary & Bible Academy
Any Time Any Where
We, at Footsteps Of Jesus, offers programs which are highly flexible and are geared to empowering students in their future ministry.
  • Our courses are available to everyone who meets our requirements.
  • All courses require comprehensive study and self-discipline.
  • We are an online institution offering distance learning to Christian students
  • around the world.
  • Our courses are relevant to the 21st Century and are an effective aid to the spiritual development to all believers.
  • Our mission is to raise Spirit-anointed leaders. Our programs have the highest curriculum standards within the framework of Spirit-
    anointed Biblical authority.
  • We prepare Christian leaders for Christian service.
  • All degrees at FOJSBA are earned degrees. This is achieved by mandatory
  • course work that must be completed.

Distance learning offers students flexibility and helps them manage their time. The student uses our virtual course tool to access class notes,
communicate with the professor or other students, and contribute to discussions set up by the professor in one of our sites (class, Forum or
others. Student can learn according to their own schedule. The student can also learn by watching a video, this approach complements
the virtual campus.
Our aim is to help our students in the following ways:
  • Developing a strong relationship with God
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the Bible
  • Prepare them for ministry, leadership.
  • Provide a clear understanding of the Bible.
  • We use the best training methods
All degrees at FOJSBA are earned degrees. This is achieved by mandatory coursework that must be completed. We recognize life
experience which may have been gained through years of work which is ministry related. Many people have served in ministry positions
and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in their fields, but do not have any formal certificate, diploma, or degree. Life
experience credits can give some of the recognition needed for servicing at Eric Michel Ministries International in work at the Chaplaincy.
No diplomas or degrees can be awarded based upon life-experience.
EMMI Grading System For All Classes

  1. A+ = 96  to  100%   Honour
  2. A- =  81  to   95%    Excellent
  3. B  =  71  to    80%   Superior If you have this mark at 1st try B+  /  if it is your 2nd try you will get B-
  4. C  =  61  to   70%    Average  you will need to redo the exam to receive a B- if  your mark is 71+, if not redo the program
  5. D  =  51  to   60%    Inferior you are require to redo the complete program
  6. E  =    0  to   50 %   Failure this is not your vocation
See our Complete PROGRAMS
* If you decide to be working for us you will need to be train in Canon Law
** If you decide to be working for us you will need to be train in Philosophy courses not implanted at EMMI
*** If you decide to be working for us you will need to be train in Ethics courses not implanted at EMMI