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Seminary & Bible Academy
Any Time Any Where
Thank you for your decision on joining us
Membership requires both
Discipleship and love
Church membership is a public affirmation of someone’s public profession of faith in Christ, and Jesus has appointed
baptism as the means by which his followers publicly profess their faith. We can’t affirm the profession of someone who
hasn’t yet made that profession. Baptism is how you publicly identify yourself with Christ and with his people (Acts 2:38–41). It’s how you visibly signify that you are united to
Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection (Rom. 6:1–4). It’s how you are identified before the church and the world as one who belongs to the Triune God (Matt. 28:19).

God's elect people from every nation and tribe, scattered throughout the earth, all those who have been given the gift of faith, by God, to believe. Our local gathering, which is
organized in a way so as to function within the parameters given in the scriptures, often described as "the local church"

  • Membership is one way to raise the flag of faith and to state before God and others that you are committed to being a part of this local body of believers.
  • Membership is not simply an opportunity to say: "I’m a part of this organisation", but rather a scriptural expression of covenant connectedness to a church.
  • Membership is a reflection of the organic community already existing in the body of Christ. Paul says we are a body
~ Romans 12:5. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body.

When an individual is baptized, he becomes a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:13). Because he is united to Christ
and the other members of the body in this way, he is therefore qualified to become member of a local expression of that body. One who, by his own volition, has declared
allegiance, commitment, or submission to; or affiliation with a our assembly specifically and exclusively, and who has been accepted by our group based upon certain criteria.
Church membership is important because it helps define the clergy’s responsibility

How do I become a member

  1. If you have never been baptized, you will prepare for baptism.
  2. If you were baptized as an infant or young child and have not made a profession of faith and been confirmed, then     you will prepare to reaffirm your baptism when you   
    take the membership vows.
  3. If you are a member of another the church where you get baptized as an adult, then you can be a  member to the Unitarian Baptist Fellowship because you did your
    profession of faith and was received as a member.
Individual Membership 20.00$ per year  Class "A"
Giving / Donation
Throughout Scripture, God has called his people to be generous. This generosity is shown in the use of our gifts, our time and our financial resources. We encourage you to contribute to the
needs of the church family, through time, use of your talents or financially. We seek to be biblical and balanced in our approach by trusting the Father to meet the financial needs of the church
through the offering given by EMMI family.

How To Donate
  • Be a sponcer
  • Your time
  • Your expertise

You can contribute to the ministry by PayPal on our
Main Site with one time gifts
or automatic weekly/monthly recurring donations.
To cancel your PayPal payments to Eric Michel Ministries International

Log on to https://www.paypal.com/.
Click Settings icon at the top right next to the Log out button.
In the Banner, select Payments.
Select Preapproved Payments section, click Update.
Select the Eric Michel Ministries International payment that you want to cancel.
Click Cancel.
Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request

Why Volunteering:
  • It’s a wonderful feeling knowing
  • I have made someone smile after you help them
  • I enjoy meeting people
  • I feel fantastic about myself
  • I get to bring joy to others
  • Those I help appreciate it
  • I get to make new friends
  • I gets lots of petting and can kiss the ladies (pet volunteer)
  • Makes my heart feel full

Please pay your dues few days before your membership anniversary

Our meetings are publish on our Calendar

Pourquoi le bénévolat::
C'est un sentiment merveilleux de savoir que j'ai fait sourire quelqu'un après l'avoir aidez
J'aime rencontrer des gens
Je me sens fantastique
J'arrive à apporter de la joie aux autres
Ceux que j'aide l'apprécier
J'arrive à me faire de nouveaux amis
Je reçoit beaucoup de caresses et puis j'embrasse les dames des animaux de compagnie
Rend mon coeur se sentir rassasié

S'il vous plaît payer vos cotisations quelques jours avant votre anniversaire d'adhésion

Nos réunions sont publiées sur ​​notre calendrier
Membership Classifications
  1. Basic Affiliation (Virtual Membership Only): If you accept the Articles
  2. of Faith, then you can consider yourself part of The Eric Michel
    Ministries Int'l. Requirements valid names and email, must be verifiable
    over the Internet re. Facebook, 411, etc., no donation needed.
  3. Regular Membership for Eric Michel Ministries Int'l, requirements
    accepting the Articles of Faith as an Unitarian ,minimum donation 20$
    CDN per year
  4. Lay Chaplain Submit an application for Chaplaincy, access to our
    Members' Discussion Board and to our Clergy Resource site, minimum
    donation 60$ CDN per year. Requirements accepting the Articles of
    Faith as an Unitarian, need to meet a senior chaplain in person and
    agree to fees, training, studying, etc. see info. Keep in mind that is a
    very serious volunteering mandate. If you like to be member of TEMCA
    you need to be an ex-member of one of these organism: Policeman,
    Ambulance Technician (EMT) or Firefighter.
  5. Clergy Membership Ordination/Chaplain: Submit an application for
    ordination to Eric Michel Ministries Int'l, if already ordained a valid
    Certificate of Ordination is needed, access to our Members' Discussion
    Board and to our Clergy Resource site, minimum donation 60$ CDN   
    per year. Requirements accepting the Articles of Faith as an Unitarian,
    need to meet a senior chaplain in person and agree to fees, training,
    studying, etc.. Keep in mind that is a very serious volunteering mandate,
    you will be a Bi Vocational Pastor, meaning you need a source of
    revenue. Also If you like to be member of TEMCA you need to be an ex-
    member of one of these organism: Policeman, Ambulance Technician
    (EMT) or Firefighter
  6. Congregation Affiliation: Requirements accepting the Articles of
    Faith, minimum donation of 60$ per year.(Apply)
Classification des membres
  1. Affiliation base (membre virtuel uniquement) : Si vous acceptez les articles de foi, alors vous
    pouvez vous considérer comme faisant partie des Ministères Eric Michel Int'l. Exigences noms et
    courriel valide, doivent être vérifiables sur le réseau Internet . Facebook , 411 , etc , pas de don
  2. Membre régulier: Exigences pour être membres des Ministères Eric Michel Int'l acceptez les
    articles de la foi comme unitarien , don minimum de 20 $ CAN par année.
  3. Aumônier laïcs: Soumettre une demande a l'Aumônerie , l'accès aux forum de discussion de
    nos membres et de notre site ressources don minimum de 60 $ CAN par année. Exigences
    acceptez les articles de la foi comme un unitarien, doivent répondre à un aumônier en chef en
    personne et accepter de frais , formation , étude , etc. Voir les informations. Gardez à l'esprit
    que c'est un mandat de bénévolat très sérieux . Si vous voulez être membre de TEMCA vous
    devez être un ex- membre de l'un de ces organismes: Policier, ambulancier (EMT) ou pompier.
  4. Clergé adhésion ordination / aumônier : Soumettre une demande au conseil des anciens
    des Ministères Eric Michel Int'l, si déjà membre d'un clergé et ordonné, presentez un certificat
    valide de l'ordination, l'accès aux forum de discussion de nos membres et de notre site
    ressources clergé, don minimum de 60 $ CAN par année. Exigences acceptez les articles de la
    foi comme un unitarien, doivent rencontrer un aumônier en chef en personne et accepter les
    frais, formation, étude, etc . Gardez à l'esprit que c'est un mandat de bénévolat très sérieux,
    vous serez un  Pastor-travailleur, qui signifie que vous avez besoin d'une source de revenus.
    Aussi si vous voulez être membre de TEMCA vous devez être un ex- membre de l'un de ces
    organismes: Policier, ambulancier (EMT) ou pompier.
  5. Affiliation d'une congrégation Exigences acceptant les articles de  foi, don minimum de 60 $
    par année.

    There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes
    them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.
    There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in
    everyone it is the same God at work. I Corinthians 12:4-6

    A members is considered ‘ACTIVE’ if attending annual meetings,
    participating in church discussion groups and activities, taking
    classes, or making contributions. Membership status may be
    terminated by request of a member, the death of a member,
    misconduct, or inactivity for a period of two years or more.

    Members Links
  • A Church Home
  • Prayers on Request
  • Messages from our Ministers
  • Online Conversations through Facebook and Forums
  • Spiritual Counseling by qualified ministers
  • Life Event Services
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Funerals
  • Baptisms, Child Christenings and Blessings
  • Home or Office Blessings
  • Ministerial Training
  • Ordinations
  • Minister Resources
PayPal Acceptance Mark
Member / Membre
Clergy / Clergé

Class "A" Members
  1. Lyle (EMMI)
  2. Joyce (EMMI)
  3. Marie (EMMI)
  4. Eric (EMMI)
  5. Basil (EMMI)

Class "B" Members
  1. Jean [John] (EMMI)
  2. Banan (EMMI Meet Up)
  3. Mariepierre (EMMI)
  4. Grace (Harmony Meet Up)
  5. Laura (Harmony Meet Up)
  6. Lisa (Harmony Meet Up)
  7. Pierre (EMMI)
  8. Louis (Wedding)
  9. Dawn (Wedding)
  10. Christopher (EMMI MeetUp)
  11. Charles (Wedding)
  12. Monica (Wedding)
  13. Debora (Harmony Meet Up)
  14. Dena (Pet Meet Up)
  15. Gail (Pet Meet Up)
  16. Linda (Pet Meet Up)
  17. Lynn (Pet Meet Up)
  18. Penny (Pet Meet Up)
  19. Vanessa (Pet Meet Up)
  20. Yvette (Pet Meet Up)
  21. Td Thomas (Harmony Meet Up)
  22. Ashley
  23. Alexandra
  24. Bella
  25. Bev
  26. Bobby
  27. Bradley
  28. Cassie
  29. Catherine
  30. Christine
  31. Christine B.
  32. Evelyne
  33. Frédéric
  34. Jerimie
  35. Jessica
  36. Josée
  37. Karine
  38. Karine S.
  39. Kelvin
  40. Kim
  41. Marie-Andrée
  42. Martine
  43. Melanie G
  44. Melanie L
  45. Melanie-Chantal
  46. Melinda
  47. Peloquin
  48. Richard
  49. Scott
  50. Sophie
  51. Terrie
  52. Matthew
  53. Lisaflag
  54. Maurisa
  55. Martin
  56. Syndia
  57. Craig
  58. Sheryl
  59. Arthur
  60. Suzanne
  61. Jacques
  62. Ginette Be
  63. Janet
  64. Noémie
  65. Diane
  66. Ginette Br
  67. Aimé
  68. Mel G
  69. Lucette
  70. Pierre F.
  71. Johanne  D.
  72. Marie-Josée F
  73. Geneviève
  74. Lauraine
  75. Kathy
  76. Blanca
  77. Denise
  78. Lynda G
  79. Marcel G
  80. Louise B.
  81. Monique G
  82. Louis G
  83. Cathy L
  84. Chantal L
  85. Josianne
  86. Melanie Ga
  87. Jessica V
  88. Lise G
  89. Francine G
  90. Lucy R
  91. Micky A
  92. Lucie L
  93. Donald
  94. Céline
  95. Johanne R.
  96. Martin H.
  97. Sylvie A.
  98. Marianne
  99. Louise C
  100. Gaetan H
  101. Elodie
  102. Danielle L.
  103. Cindy B
  104. Colette
  105. Diane F.
  106. Aline L.
  107. Gilles G
  108. Isabelle S.
  109. Lucie C
  110. Diane ST
  111. Lise-Marie
  112. Gaétanne P
  113. Florence G.
  114. Josée L
  115. Denise My
  116. Gisèle J.
  117. Line P.
  118. Magali G G
  119. Marcel La
  120. M-Pier G
  121. Sylvie G P
  122. Ane-Marie P.
  123. Adam W
  124. Alla D
  125. Angela S
  126. Arlene M
  127. Arthur B
  128. Audrey Elaine
  129. Basil A
  130. Béatrix M
  131. Bishop Gloria
  132. Bob D
  133. Bobby K
  134. Burton B
  135. Carl David
  136. Carol B
  137. Carole-Ann M
  138. Charlina C
  139. Christine La
  140. Cindy Sue
  141. Craig M
  142. Daniel L
  143. Darlene Ar
  144. David J
  145. Dawna L
  146. Derek L
  147. Desireè M
  148. Donna Lee
  149. Donna St
  150. Donna W
  151. Edenvale
  152. Edward W A
  153. Evangelist Ezechiel
  154. Gaële C
  155. Geo Martin
  156. Helen K
  157. Isa-Bella
  158. Jason R
  159. Jay W
  160. Jean N
  161. Jeff R
  162. Jeffrey C
  163. Jim B
  164. Joanne M M
  165. Joe F
  166. Johanne R
  167. John D
  168. John T
  169. Joy S
  170. Karen Lynn
  171. Kathy McL
  172. Laurie L
  173. Laurie S
  174. Lesley-Ann P
  175. Linda L
  176. Lisa N
  177. Lucy R
  178. Lyn W
  179. Mandy M
  180. Marc S
  181. Margret S
  182. Marie F M
  183. Mark H
  184. Martin H
  185. Patrick B M
  186. Reverend Rich
  187. Richard McC
  188. Saime M
  189. Will M
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Sunday Morning Discussion Meeting and Open Minds Book Group

This group meets on Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 and can be extended if not worship on
that Sunday and the book group from 19:00 to 22:00 on Tuesday Night. These groups are
open to any member and their guests.

Sunday Morning Discussion Meeting is part of Small Group and the Open Minds Book
Group are a Sub Ministry of the Chaplaincy and it is a vital part of many Unitarian
congregations,  people meet regularly to reflect on and discuss significant life topics.

At the discussion group we alternate with each member acting has host and moderator so
that everyone has an opportunity to select a topic for the meeting. The topic for discussion
is wide open and can range from politics ecology, religion, art, science, personal philosophy
and special events.

Meetings are held in members’ homes, usually in rotation, as many knows we moved from
Trois-Rivieres Quebec and we lost our huge apartment, we have a small one in far east
end of Gatineau now and we will be happy to welcome a group, the 340 Albert  in Ottawa,
where we have our office, rent meeting space, a small meeting room for the day is
see rates under
, if we choose this  option all need to share the cost.

Discussions range from current events, religious, philosophical, political musings and more. All
are welcome. The Book Club meets the third Tuesday of each month at 19:00. We notify
readers of the books that will be discussed in the Events/Meetings web page and by email's.
Anyone who reads the selected book or like to talk about is welcome.

Small groups are great places to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over
time, participants build deep connections with one another and with the congregation.

Whether the topic is, the conversation is respectful and caring and leads to greater
understanding. In each session, facilitated by the host or another member of the Group,
all participants have opportunity to share their perspectives, tell their stories, and listen
deeply. The time together is structured: Group meetings begin and end with centering
readings and often include a time of silence before the sharing begins. Many small groups
engage in annual service projects, putting their faith into action.
The EMMI Governance Meeting
Governance is our board assembly held by the Elders,  is a method of church governance
typified by the rule of assemblies of elders. Each local church is governed by a body of
elected elders

Its constitution of members are compose of at least one member of the clergy and lays under
the direction of a Bishop. At EMMI for the present it is Rev Marie Yvonne.

The Founder Commander (Rev. Eric Michel) can be present and can advise but he has no
voting right
The following are excerpts from our Constitution and Bylaws, explaining the responsibilities and
qualifications of our Elders:

Eric Michel Ministries Int'l shall be directed and administered by the Archbishop under the advisory of
the Corporation Board of Elders.

The Board of Elders shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than twelve (12) Elders, including
the Chair (a Bishop).

The Elders shall advise in all matters pertaining to Eric Michel Ministries Int'l in its spiritual life and in the
ministry of its ordinances. They shall also:
A) Provide counsel and mutual assistance in the administration of the business and work of the church.
B) Serve without compensation, except for their actual expenses.

Candidates for the position of Elder shall be members with experiences and knowledge of an Unitarian

Candidates shall be voting members in good standing in the congregation and capable of efficiently
discharging the duties pertaining to their office.

Elder candidates shall be consistent in their attendance at the public services of the congregation.
They shall have a cooperative spirit and be active in ministry and service to the church and/or to the

Elders shall be selected for a term of three (3) years. An Elder may not serve more than two (2)
successive terms or 6 years. After a minimum of one (1) year absence, a person again may be eligible to
be a candidate.

Teachers, cleaners, lawyers, cooks, doctors, clerics, farmers, bookkeepers,  clergymen  and any other
vocation one can think of. That’s the professions from which ruling elders are drawn from for service
in EMMI Corporation.
The Board is the executive body of the EMMI. It derives its authority from the congregation. The
company’s activities and procedures are determined and guided by Articles of Association and
Standing Orders that set its parameters and scope for action. These documents are available upon
request from EMMI office. Committees operate in the Chapel but these derive their terms of
reference, budget and agency from the Board of Elders. All employees, including ministers,
volunteers, etc are contracted by the Board.

Up to 12 directors may be elected to serve on the board at any time. Board members are elected by
the congregation and serve for a period of three years, at which point they can serve an additional
three years before taking a break of at least one year. Additional Directors can be co-opted if the
board wishes. The Annual Report and Accounts are approved at the General Assembly.

The Board meets every month to discuss EMMI management and strategy. There are three officers
the Chair (Bishop), Treasurer and Secretary – elected by the Board of Elders members themselves.
Any member of EMMI may attend a Board meeting, but may only speak by arrangement or
permission. The Archbishop attends the Board meetings and participates freely in discussions but
is not a Director and may not vote. Minutes of the meeting are prepared and are available to any
member, and a summary is published

Because the group is very small, 12 or under, it is easy to move around for our meeting location and
same thing for our meeting date
Pricing for Meeting Room Rentals who will be divided among people present for 2014
Hourly Price
13% Incl.
All Day Price
13% Incl.
For 1 hr
For all day
30 -50
Square Centre
$4.24 Each
per hr
340 Albert St
$6.80 each
per hr
2nd Floor
$6.78 each
per hr
K1R 7Y6
  Centennial Room\
Constitution Room
  Confederation A
  Confederation B
Please take note:
  • Due to the number of members assisting (4) Discussion Group, scheduled to occur on Sunday at 09:00 has been cancelled. Please
    update your plans accordingly .If you have further questions, you can email me through the Contact Us link on Meetup
  • All Meet Up are held at xxxxxxxxxxxx  Gatineau, Qc. on same day and same time including all discussion groups and Worship.
    Location Gatineau East, on event eve the complete address and direction will be emailed to all participants.
  • Notice no fee are charged for using the  residence.
Members of our Meditation Moments
A sub-ministry of:
New Hope Ministry and Missions
Worship Meeting and Virtual Chapel
For information on our Worship Sunday
and the Virtual
click on the underlined links.