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Programs and Degrees:
We makes the M.Div., available worldwide from your computer connection
If you’re called to ministry, then you must prepare.

Offering 100% distance via the net degree and certificate programs

FoJ Seminary’s Distance Program allows you to follow your call without sacrificing the academic quality programs.

Seminary Online
We want you to pursue your calling despite your busy schedule. Our solution to this is FoJ Seminary Online.
There is no set time for classes to “meet,” but course work must all be accomplished according to syllabus deadlines

The FoJ Seminary Online
Designed to fit into your way of life, whether in an existing ministry, a family life or a full-time work, our program requirements are spread out over
years. Our Program allows people to pursue and complete a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies or a Master online in two years or take up to
18 courses required for a Master Diplomat.

Distance Learning
The FoJ Seminary Online is specifically designed so that online students will never have to step foot on a campus. Whether you are across the
street or across the world,
FoJ Seminary Online makes it possible to learn at your own pace. This option allows you to fit learning into your
schedule, with little to no need for being online at a specific time.
Online Learning
Degree Programs, please click on the program name for further information and admission requirements.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Lay Degree Programs

Bachelor Program

Bachelor of Theology
The Bachelor of Theology program is designed for those who would like to prepare or further equip themselves for work in the church
but are not seeking to be ordained

Master Program

Master of Divinity
The Master of Divinity program is designed for those who wish to prepare themselves for the Chaplaincy Ministry.

Master of Theology


Doctor of Ministry

Minister Formation

Non-Degree Offerings or Continuing Education
Continuing Education is to equip God’s people to serve the church and to fulfill the Great Commission. Our  FoJ Free Online Classes provide a
unique opportunity. These classes are not for academic credit, but are immensely helpful to any individual or group who desires to grow in their
knowledge of God's Word and service to the church.
Certificate Programs:
Learn Anywhere At Any Time

  1. Bachelor Degree in Theology
  2. Bachelor Degree in Ministry
  3. Bachelor Degree in Prophetic Ministry
  4. Bachelor Degree in Apostolic Ministry
  5. Bachelor Degree in Christian Counseling
  6. Bachelor Degree in Christian Education
  7. Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship
  8. Bachelor Degree in Ministry Honors
Students can start studying at any time during the year. They can also graduate as soon as they have completed their study program.
Eric Michel Ministries International via it's ministry Research, Theology and Teaching  will hold regional graduations ceremonies each year
throughout Canada as well as in various other nations world-wide. Attendance is not compulsory. Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees
will be forwarded to students on completion of their studies.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies

  1. Doctor of Ministry Degree
  2. Doctor of Christian Business Administration

  1. Master’s Degree in Theology
  2. Master’s Degree in Ministry
  3. Master’s Degree in Prophetic Ministry
  4. Master’s Degree in Apostolic Ministry
  5. Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling
  6. Master’s Degree in Christian Education
  7. Master’s Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship
  8. Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership
  9. Master’s Degree in Christian Business Administration