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Seminary & Bible Academy
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This offer to Christians world wide
Self Sufficient Senior Pastor and Pastor for online
Congregation and Chaplaincy Eric Michel Ministries

The role of Pastor is to assist the elders in overseeing the spiritual life
and vision of EMM. The Pastor will have a firm grasp on the purpose      
values and strategy of the congregation and the ability to support fulfilling
its mission and vision. The Pastor will offer leadership to the congregation
alongside the Elders, Deacons & ministry leaders.

  • A clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as in a Christian
    Unitarian, or Christian Universalist or Christian Baptist
  • Consistent spiritual and moral character and lifestyle.
  • Definitive call to work in part-time Christian ministry
  • Agreement with the doctrinal statement of EMM and EMM Chaplaincy
  • Skills and education commensurate with the position; previous
    experience preferred
  • Proficiency teaching and/or helping other
  • Competency in organization, administration, and interpersonal
  • Potential and desire to remain in a long-term ministry at EMMI
  • Ordained within 12 months for Senior Pastor and 1 day for Pastor.

Have primary responsibility for the teaching, facilitating spiritual growth
of the congregation, and equipping God's people for ministry

Pastoral duties
  1. Have overall responsibility for the corporate worship services .
  2. Provide general pastoral care
  3. Support and expand the ministry within EMMI
  4. Be available for limited internet counseling
  5. Implement strategies to fulfill EMM's vision and mission statements

Leadership duties
  1. Provide overall leadership to EMMI
  2. Commit to fulfilling EMMI's vision and mission statements
  3. Develop leadership within the congregation
  4. Represent the church in local events and ministerial relationship

Management duties
  1. Oversee and execute the administration of the congregation          
    through appropriate staff and lay leadership teams online and          
    locally as well.
  2. Direct the day to day operation of the congregation office
  3. Maintain open and effective lines of communication among the
    congregation, elder and deacon, and ministry teams
  4. Support ministries that reach out to the unchurched, inactive and      
    new  residents of our community
  5. Support the assimilation of new members into the life of the   
  6. Support all church ministries in their work, while encouraging
    congregational participation.

Position Information:
Job Title: Senior Pastor and Pastor (Bivocational)
Time Type: Part Time and full time.
Job Category: Senior Pastor
Salary: Self Sufficient
Organization Type: Congregation
Denomination: Baptist/Unitarian /Universalist /Christian Fellowship
(Free & Independent)

Prerequisite: Need to be a congregation member to apply with fee of 20.00$   
a year. If accepted fee of clergy membership is due for a year. A 6 months  
trial will be in effect after revision board will status on your performances.
Aumônier et assistant demander bénévole
Attention aux ex-membres
  • Policiers
  • Ambulanciers
  • Pompiers
La formation nécessite un coût
TEMCA a besoins de vous
exception est que seul les membres du clergé ont le droits
d'offrir les
services spirituelles

'Aumônier Adjoint apporte un soutien aux aumôniers,
également les aumôniers adjoints font partie de l'équipe du
ministère et soutient les programmes, y compris les services de
Attention     -    Attention     -     Attention
Avons besoin d'un conseil d'administration appelé à
l'aumônerie le Conseil des anciens. S'il vous plaît nous aider à
aider les autres devenez membre de notre conseil. SVP,


Au cas où nous nous sommes pas rencontré, je suis Éric
Michel, ministre principal au MEMI. Et nous avons besoin   
de vous - merci beaucoup pour le bénévolat. Nous avons
surtout besoin de personnes pour être sur une équipe de
médias sociaux - les gens qui utilisent Facebook ou Twitter
ou LinkedIn ou un autre service et peuvent nous aider à en
faire bon usage.

Toutefois, si vous êtes plus intéressé dans un domaine
particulier des MEMI, comme notre aumônerie des prisons,
l'aumônerie internationale comme Harmony, l'aumônerie de   
la famille,  / aumônerie militaire ou vétéran, celui du culte en
ligne, ou le ministère de l'éducation religieuse, laissez-nous
savoir. nous allons vous connecté avec celui qui contribue
avec ce ministère.

Si vous voulez aider MEMI en siégeant à un comité qui aide  
la fonction de l'organisation générale, laissez-moi savoir et je
peux vous mettre en contact. (surtout si vous avez deja
travailler dans un organisme à but non lucratif ou d'une  

Encore une fois, merci de faire du bénévolat avec nous.  
Votre soutien constant de notre communauté est ce qui le
rend idéal.

Contact Nous
Travail relier aux Ministères Eric Michel International
  • Gatineau
  • Montreal
  • Trois-Rivieres
  • Quebec
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Halifax
We want to reach people all over the world
and show that the works of God is right here
in the reach of man.
Their homes or in a community near them.
Need to be a member 20.00$/year
Attention     -    Attention     -     Attention
apply but it won't be in force before this date Unbowed

When: Now as you read
Description: Christian Unitarian Baptist (Non Bible typically
but can be use) Spiritual Counsellor,
Work on phone, Skype chat or Email's.
Is it paid? Yes Salary 50% of income.

  • You don't need to be member of our church, but we                    
    welcome you to be one.
  • If you're interested in guiding people to wholeness and                 
    growth, then consider becoming a spiritual counsellor.                         
    It is truly an occupation of service and can   be extremely        
    rewarding. Working as a spirit guide requires that you                     
    have personal integrity, responsibility and a commitment                      
    to your own spiritual growth, before you can extend                   
    yourself to others. What we offer to clients can be read here

Send resume (CV) at chaplaincy@ericmichelministries.org
NB: New Business
To register our congregation with the government authorities we need an
administration board called in the chaplaincy a Board of Elders. Please help us
helping other be a member on our board. Please Contact Us.
Assistant Chaplain provide support to Chaplains, also a Chaplain Assistant is part   of the
Ministry Team and supports programs including worship services.

In case we haven't met, I'm Eric MIchel at EMMI. And we need you - thanks so
people who use Facebook or Twitter or lLnkedIn or another service and can help
us use it well.

However, if you're more interested in a particular area of EMMI, like our prison
chaplaincy, international chaplaincy like Harmony, family chaplaincy,
miltary/veteran chaplaincy, online worship, or religious education ministry, let us
know. we will get you connected with who is helping out with that ministry.

If you want to help EMMI by serving on a committee that helps the organization
function overall, let me know and I can get you in touch. (especially if you have
non-profit or church board experience!)

Again, thank you for volunteering with us. Your consistent support of our
community is what makes it great.

Contact Us
Need to be Graduated from the Seminary
Need to be Graduated from the Seminary